• Tristan Commerford says:

    Hi – I would definitely like to enroll Tristan for the Saturday age 11-15 group.
    Sandra Commerford

  • Emma says:

    We’re interested in enrolment for coding programme for our 10 yr old and ourselves . Can you send us details please?

    • Thulani Matyeni says:

      Hello Emma

      We are so sorry to only see this now as it went straight to “spam” but we’ve manged to see that it’s not.

      But you are still interested in enrolling your 10 year old and yourselves, then we can do Home schooling with all of you.

      Once again we are so sorry for the late reply.

      Many Thanks

  • ayanda says:

    I would like to find the best place to teach them basic computer so they can follow on coding.
    Twins 13 yr old good English writing and Reding
    Going to grade 8 in 2016.

  • Renee Venter says:

    Hi my son is 9 & very interested in coding. We are members of CTSC. Please advise further details. Thank you!

  • Sona Sales says:

    My son Oliver has been doing the 2 day course at the CTSC and has really enjoyed it. Thank you!

    • Thulani Matyeni says:

      Hello Sona

      Thanks a lot for the comment and we realy value your feedback.

      Feel free to let us know when you’d like for him to continue on, we have a number of options of how we can make that possible.

      Kind Regards

  • Buli says:


    I would like to enroll my kids for coding. How do I go about?
    Do you have classes scheduled for the winter holidays?

    • Thulani Matyeni says:

      Hello Buli

      Thanks for making contact, yes we do except that we only have the Home Schooling Programme opened up for these coming holidays, where we teach kids coding at their own home as we’ve found that to be making more impact.

      Please feel free to ask if anything is not clear or you need more info on that.

      You can reply to info@kidswhocode.co.za

      Kind Regards

  • Bianca says:


    What age do you teach from? I would really like to start my son off early.


    • Thulani Matyeni says:


      Thanks for making contact, we start teaching kids from 6 years old.

      How old is your son ?

      Kind Regards

  • victoria says:

    Hi there

    Do you have anything coming up for the school holidays?

    Alternatively, I would like to organise a group of kids as my house in Plumstead. Would it be possible to do this? I have one son who is 15 and has coded for First Lego League but wants to take it further…not sure what would be the most suitable?

    Please let me know if we can organise something,


  • Bianca says:

    Good Day, i have a 6 year old homeschooler i would like to introduce to coding. Could you kindly provide me with all the relevant information

  • Thami says:

    Don’t you offer coding for kids in Jhb?

  • Esann says:

    Hi there

    My son, aged 11, is home schooled. We live in Melkbosstrrand in the Cape. What is possible in terms of home school coding?

  • Candice Weideman says:

    Hi there,
    Do you offer this program in Johannesburg too?

  • Pheello says:

    hello, we interested in the coding classes for both my kids (8 & 4)

    • Hello Pheelo

      Thanks for making contact and yest the best option for both of them is Home Schooling, were we send a tutor to your house once a week for a lesson and each lesson is an hour long at a fee of R250 a lesson per child but because it’s two kids, we’ll give you a discound of R350 a lesson for both of them in the same lesson.

      Kind Regards

  • Dikeledi says:


    Can you assist with home schooling for my son, he’s 14 years old and we are based in Pretoria. Also advise of the price

    • Hello

      Thanks for making contact, we would love to help you with that but at the moment we are only in Cape Town.

      But we promise to let you know once we secured a place that side.

      Kind Regards

  • Kgomotso Molokwane says:

    Would like to enrol Orefile Molokwane who is 12years old (boy)

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