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We would like to ask you to empower an underprivileged child by sponsoring them to learn how to Code.

We have a list of 200 Kids from the disadvantaged areas of Cape Town that have great potential to become World Class Programmers and Computer Scientists, however in order to release their latent abilities we would like to ask as many people and companies to sponsor any number of children to enroll and complete a course in Basic Scratch as well as Advanced JavaScript, PHP, Python, HTML and Ruby. We will have a list of the children (along with their situation and background information) we will make it available to you, if you are willing to sponsor a child or any number of children.

IT literacy is a very important skill of modern life. Technology is becoming more and more relevant in our daily lives. It is therefore important to be able to understand and control technology. Technology is advancing at an exponential pace and that is why these children must learn how to be a part of this new information revolution and technological society.

If physically possible, we would strongly encourage you to meet the child at the end of every term so you can chat about the new knowledge they have been taught. We will make sure that you receive the child’s school report card at the end of each term as well as his/her KWC monthly assessment marks.

To learn more or to apply… please contact us.